Saturday, 17 October 2015


To my favorite kid, Human,

The day when you were born was the happiest day of my life. I embraced you in my arms. I showered all my love on you in the form of flowers and rain. I gave you a beautiful world to live. I gave you a green land to stay. You created a home on that land to shelter yourself. I was happy to see your ability. With time, I came to know you more and more.

My proud seemed no boundary when you planted a tree with your tiny hands for the first time in your life. I could see a future for the greener me. I was really happy and more than that I was secured to see the awareness in you when you made drawings and wallpapers conveying messages to ‘save water’. ‘go green’ and ‘be Eco-friendly’.

I gave you fresh air to live. You can call it your life line.

My creations made your childhood very beautiful. Running after butterflies to catch them used to be the most amazing challenge for you. Even if you could catch it, you would run to your mummy to show it and then you would free it showed a glimpse of kindness in you.  
You would see clouds in sky hoping for the rain and with the first drop of rain, you would jump with joy. You enjoyed those rains more than any Sauna or Jacuzzi.

Making sand palace was your favorite activity at the sea shore. My sea was your biggest swimming pool where you would spend most of your vacations. My snow became your snowman. The big wide desert was the biggest curiosity for you when you saw it for the first time. 

Whenever you got tired after playing, you would rest under my trees. That used to be your favorite spot to relax. 

I gave you forest. Infinite variety of herbs, trees, birds and animals became your subject to study. You wanted to know about them more and more. You used to share your wish with your father that you would visit all the forest of the world one day. 

With time, you got more curious about me. You wanted to know everything about me. Right from the world beyond ozone layer to the world deep into the ocean. You used to carry an entire question bank in your mind! 

Your love and care for me were growing more and more. I thought you loved me as much as I love you. But unfortunately, you proved me wrong. I cannot doubt your love but it is not unseen anymore that with your growth, your requirements and challenges in your life also increased. And that led you to the ignorance towards me. 

You first cut-off your life line with too much air pollution. The water which is one of the most necessary element in your life is completely polluted by the waste of your factories. You didn’t try to find any other way to discard the trash, so you used the gift which I gave you! 

Your ambitions are limitless. You want to expand your business and earn more. But you have already used most of my land. So you remember your favorite subject of your childhood; the forest. You started cutting off the tress which led to the major deforestation and because of that many species of birds, animals, and insects are extinct. Those species which used to be common in older days have now become rare and I worry that your next generations would see them only in pictures. What a great loss of mine! I created a life called human, and that human destroyed other lives just because he has the power. Tell me one thing my son, did I give you the power to cause such mess?  

Your mess has the new name now; Global Warming. The natural cycle of weather is totally disturbed. And it is harming me, you and each and everything which belongs to me.
Many of you talk and discuss to improve the situations. And many of you work on it too. But it would improve totally only if my all kids put an equal effort. 

Why do you throw trash on the road, near the dustbin and why not in the dustbin?
Why do you spit here and there?
Why don’t you stop other people from breaking rules of cleanliness?
Why do you harm other helpless animals? Just to entertain yourself? Sadist!
Why do you park your car in no-parking zone or in the middle of the way? Your carelessness causes traffic jam which led to air pollution and noise pollution.

Just think over it. And meanwhile if it rains, enjoy it, but also do one thing; try to taste it, it may taste like a drop of tear.

Love you always,
Mother Nature.

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