Wednesday, 28 October 2015

National Issue #1

“No nation is perfect. You have to make it one”
-          A dialogue from a famous film

Yes, no nation is perfect. We have to keep trying to make it perfect. And no day is satisfactory. Because if we are satisfied with the development of the country, that day progress will be stopped completely. The progress is never enough whether it is of a person’s or a country’s. Its not about being greedy. It is about being ambitious and optimist.

Issues are there. The world is facing many of them. We want to solve it. Let’s start with or own home; our own nation at our own level. System has set a various rules to maintain the discipline among citizens. And every day, knowingly or unknowingly, we break many. Or at certain point, we make fun of it.  When the system declares some new rule, we snub it on the spot. Lets’ consider only traffic rules for now:
                When the system made helmets compulsory, we opposed it in every possible manner. Most of the time, we tried to skip the traffic police who charged fine on not wearing the helmet. This rule is simply for one’s safety. But still we don’t find it necessary to follow.

                There is a rule that you can overtake any vehicle only from its right. But the “speed-lovers” and “always-in-hurry” people don’t find it good enough to consider. Many accidents take place because of one’s love for speed or a desire to save just 2 seconds.

                Many people tie seat belts in their cars. But many are there who do this only on seeing a cop.

                Driving without license is actually an offense but many of us keep the cash ready!

                I don’t understand why some people don’t understand the simple logic behind the indicators! Either they indicate just before the turn or they don’t do it at all. Generally, you should indicate a few seconds before you are supposed to take a turn so that the vehicle behind you knows in advance of your next turn.  

                Bus stops are not the parking area for you guys! In busy cities, parking is the biggest question. Wherever you find an empty space, you park your vehicle there, may it be a “NO-Parking zone, a bus stand, a front of an entrance gate or half on the road and half off the road creating a mass jam.
                Giving a way to an ambulance seems to be out-of-question sometimes. In the situation of such emergency, we drive even faster and don’t give way. You must have seen it or have done it.

                Pedestrians are supposed to cross roads at the Zebra-crossing. But sometimes I wonder that the people riding and driving are actually waiting for the Zebras to slow down. On seeing anyone by the roadside at the zebra-crossing, drivers try to drive faster just to avoid slowing down the speed.

                You are not supposed to talk on your phone while driving. But how many of you actually out your phone aside while driving? In fact, I have noticed many drivers texting while driving. It causes a major possibility of accidents.

                City buses have their lanes. You CANNOT drive your vehicle in that lane. But to avoid the traffic, many cars and two wheelers have been spotted in the BRTS lanes.

                Wrong side driving is the most common reason of many accidents but still we don’t stop it to save time and to avoid driving to the dividers to take a U-turn.

                One has to be keen enough while opening the door of the car. He/she should check if someone or some vehicle is coming from the back. Many incidents are there in which such carelessness has injured many lives.

Rules are there, for each and every factor regarding the traffic management. The question is; how many of them are being followed? How many of them have been considered? And when the accidents take place due to one’s ignorance, what do we do? Shout and fight with each other causing even bigger mess.

Be united. Support each other. Support the system. It is for you. It works for your safety. All you need to do is being  more keen and respect the rules. Follow them and inspire other to do the same.

Save lives.

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