Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Revolution is happening!

Revolution, the word itself is so inspiring. It brings energy and hope in us. We have heard about many revolutions. Revolution in India, revolution in society, revolution in education system, and many more, And why not? It is mandatory for us.

You may come across many of the incidents when you may see the changing people, their behavior, their mentality, the society, the system, and the country. You feel happiness somewhere in your heart.  

To all those techies..

Before looking at the larger scale, let’s see around and notice the usual. Technology is something which is not impossible for us to access. It is in our hands most of the time; cell phone, tablets, etc! With just a one touch, we connect to the world. World at your finger point! Technology is for all; young and elders. The revolution in technology is the biggest one of the era we could say. This is extremely important but we don’t see it as revolution in our regular life. It has reached to everyone and it has become so common that we take it so usually.
Social media rocks! It has been playing a major role in our lives. It controls our 40% of the day. Few years ago, calling a friend or a family member used to be a big thing. But now, your cousin living in USA knows what is made for dinner in your kitchen before your own father who is watching TV in the room next to your kitchen! Funny and surprising it is!
At the time of the rising of these technologies and social media, we were just learning it (though it didn’t take a long as we all are born techies...!). With time, the pattern of the use of these platforms changed. We want to use it more productively. Here comes a revolution which is invisible. To observe it, just try to recall how you used to use a particular platform years ago and how you are using it now.
Let’s take an example. Facebook, launched on February 4, 2004, became very popular. People were fascinated by its features and functions. We were so excited to post photos, comments and statuses. After posting, we used to wait eagerly for the comments, shares and likes. Tagging friends and getting tagged was the matter of wonder.
But with time, you, I and everyone have experienced the change. People are now using it for spreading awareness, messages and opinions. They find it a very useful platform through which they can spread a word which was next to impossible for any common man a few years ago. New features are making this task even easier. We can create pages, groups. People make community for a cause or just for fun. One can showcase his/her talent. Gradually, it has become an institution for those who want to learn and make it productive. Social media is proven to be making people social and responsible.
A common man can give his/her opinion in just a single line which is called a “Tweet”. And that tweet is considered too.
Who likes to go out in heat and buy vegetables? Just go online and order vegetables, fruits, groceries and ready-made meals too.
And why buying only? You can sell anything, and yes, anything online; right from a book to a car. 
World is really at your finger tip, isn’t it?
We all need it. And we get it every day. We just talked about the technology. Moons back, televisions and radios were the ultimate luxury. But now, you can have your “mini TV” in your palm; cell-phone, tablets.
We can say that, wherever we go, entertainment goes with us. Entertainment means movies, songs, cartoons and YO YO! But no. They are not just for fun. At least some of them are not. Many movies are there which give a strong message, which leave you thinking. Stories make a great impact on your mind. Stories that you cannot ignore or forget so easily. Such stories are written to give a message.
3 idiots, a fun movie with the strongest message. It definitely made a huge impact on the viewers. Students could connect themselves with the movie and the characters so easily. And writer’s and director’s goals are achieved.
Many movies are there which you can consider so meaningful and you can relate yourself with them.
Oh My God! Is one of the recent of them.
Education for all..
Schooling is the major part in any kid’s life. But there are many kids of many villages in India who have never seen a school in his/her entire life. But the situation is not this worse, at least in some regions. People are more aware and keen for the education. They are taking it more seriously now. Government has made programs for them. And the major credit goes to those activists and NGOs who motivate the illiterate people and make them understand and realize the importance of education in one’s life.
A girl child education has also been an issue in most of the villages. To remove such orthodox phenomenon from the root has been the most challenging task for the activists, NGOs and government. They have successfully done it in most of the regions.
Many government programs are there where a common man can contribute so easily; you buy a product which is included in the programs and one or two rupee of the MRP will go to the fund.
Youngsters have started a “street schools” for the kids in the villages.
Some projects like E-books and kinder are also popular amongst the kids and youngsters. Many of them are free of cost.
Educational projects are helping the woman empowerment a big time. Women are getting inspired to be entrepreneurs. It helps them to build up confidence in them. It make them independent and powerful individuals.

Go Green.. And keep Going..
India is the nation where people call nature “Mother Nature”.
Global warming is not an unknown issue to anyone in the world. The world is worried about this. But what are the solutions. To solve something, we have to think it on a small scale to make it large.
Many suggestions would be there. But the question is, how many of them do we implement? Just make a list for yourself.
Talking about the small scale, we mean, your home, workplace, city, streets, and roads.
Planting one tree on every Sunday would be a big contribution.
Teamwork always works! People are gathering. They are making communities to spread the awareness and discuss the solutions. Again, technology plays a major role in this.
On social media, people are creating groups and page for the environmental discussions and activities. 
Recently, a group of youngsters gathered for the “Tree Unnailing” program. Where they visit each tree on their decided path and remove the nails from the tree.
Schools make programs of Nursery visits and forest visits. They also teach the conservation of the natural property of the earth.
Two boys recently created a Wi-Fi dustbin to encourage people to throw trash in the dustbin. Throwing trash in the dustbin would give you a free Wi-Fi.
So, we don’t have to wait for a revolution, because it is already happening. We just need an eye to see that. Once we all start noticing the small changes, we would get inspired to do more.
Encourage those all who contribute at any level.

Let’s  keep one thing in mind; to see the bigger change, you would have to start with your level.


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