Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Being a member of many photography groups, I come across a variety of photos every day. Some are “just taken” and some have “stories” behind it.

Few days back, I saw a photo of a dead puppy with its mother sitting by its side, looking at her young one, eyes full of sorrow, her front right leg on the dead head. It shook me. It didn't seem like a natural death. I wrote a comment on that photo, 'Too disappointing. They breath, they live, and more than that they have right to LIVE.' but I didn't post it. I deleted it.

Why? Because, on such a photo, people can have many RIPs and SORRYs to write. But why don't we understand the root of all this. Why these accidents happen? Why don't we take it as seriously as it should be taken? Why we always end this issue saying that 'it's written in their destiny'? Why our, humans’ ignorance is converted into these dumb animals’ destiny? 

Wait, that's not all. The height of atrocity is yet to come: I used to go for a walk after dinner. Roads used to be quiet. Street dogs sleep by the road side. And some so called youngsters come on the bikes, two to three on the one bike, speed is maximum(obviously),  put down their legs, drag them on the road especially where these dogs are sleeping. These dogs get scared and irritated. They run after these bikes. It keeps happening. And they get habituated to run after every vehicle. It is the basic thing, if you keep poking someone; he is going to react at some point of time. And sometimes, they get hit by the vehicles. 

We people show off our pet animals as a style statement, showing the class and sophistication. But we behave in such a way with these street dogs. 

Few days back, I witnessed an incident. There was a dog. He grew up in our residential area. I named him "Pinku". Suddenly we heard a cry of a dog. We came out of our home. What we saw was, two "HUMANS" were beating Pinku; with sticks and legs. They beat him so much that he fainted. On asking, they said that Pinku was making their place “dirty” every day and they didn't even have an entrance gate. We thought he was dead. This was not all. One of those "HUMANS" grabbed his leg, dragged him and threw him ahead. Then he reached to Pinku, again did the same. And then we heard his cry for the last time. I just couldn't forget what I saw. I just saw a living devil in those "HUMANS" eyes when one of them glanced at us. There was no regret in those eyes.

Some SOCIAL ANIMALS are not SOCIAL yet, or not SOCIAL anymore.

After a couple of days, I just came to know that Pinku is alive but severely injured. He has got multiple fractures and head injuries. Hope he will get well soon and never come back in these HUMANS' area.

Many other Pinkus are there suffering. You, the reader, may also have witnessed one or have been accused.

People don’t consider dog’s cry good especially during festivals. And these same people bring cows to their houses and give feed them in the same container in which they have cooked. And that thing mess up a lot; making the area around you dirty, always fearing people to get hit by them. And that is too unhygienic. But no one cares.

Yes, stray animals cause problems to humans, but who gave you rights to kill them?
Complain the authority.
Why is the system taking it lightly?
We have some rules on keeping and treating animals, then why is it not officially banned to harass, beat and hit these animals?
Why are we so fearless, careless and cruel?
Why don’t we give these lives an equal importance to live?

Every problem has a solution. And beating, hitting or killing is definitely NOT one of them.

Be serious about the system. Co-operate with them. Follow the rules instead of making fun of them.  They will work.

They have souls. Don't kill them. 

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