Friday, 23 October 2015


Speak up. Let them speak.

We need to hear you. Nation needs to hear you.
Do you remember the days when you were so nervous while speaking in class?
Do you remember that you used to laugh at the classmate when he/she stood up to speak?
Do you remember that you laughed at your classmate’s wrong answers and because of which he/she felt more embarrassed to stand up again?
Do you remember that your legs shivered when your name was called to give a thank you/ welcome speech on a stage?

We all have gone through above incidents for at least once in a life. And we still do make the same mistake; not encouraging PEOPLE who can actually speak and make a point.

It’s all about making a point, putting an Idea forward. Yes, an IDEA which matters a lot for any kind of constructive thing. Without an idea, no initialization is possible.

You may have got influenced by people in your life. You may have praised them too. But when it comes to you, why your legs still shiver? Are you lacking enough confidence or encouragement or support? Yes. The answer is - all of them.  

 Lack of self-confidence is the most common thing we all have at some level. Self-confidence increases with time. But we may come across so many factors which would let down it time and again. But with maturity, we learn to gain it again.
Right from a kid to an elder one, we all need encouragement to start something and to continue a good work. A piece of reward would do all!

A kid scored 70%. It was good enough at his age. But over-ambitious parents told him that this score was not enough, he would have to work harder. This thing scared the kid more about the bright future that he would have to make and which he seemed very much tough.
Instead of reacting this way, the parents could have patted on his back for the score he got and then later on, they could have advised him to work harder for the EVEN better result and guided him. Why couldn’t they show a little gesture of encouragement? It could have worked far better.

                Moral and physical support are the most important thing in one’s life. To grow in life, you need support from your family, friends and the people around you.
While doing my under graduation, we were asked a question; what would we do after under grad? The answer should be very simple as we all had a clear cut plan in our mind. And we all were supposed to raise our hands to speak. But you would be surprised to know that no one did it. Why? Didn’t anyone want to study further? Of course not! In fact, we all were so ambitious and enthusiastic for our future. So why was it so tough to raise a hand? Because no one was doing it?

This is the point. When you were a student, on asking any question, instead of giving a straight answer, you looked on your left and right to check if anybody else has also raised hand. You are an individual, then why to wait for somebody else when YOU WANT TO SPEAK.  Many of the times, it might have happened that you knew the answer still you would not say just because you felt that your classmates would make fun of yours. I am not saying that friends or classmates are not supportive but it is a typical mentality. You, Me and all of us have been part of this. Whether the person is right or wrong, we need to laugh at them straight on their face or secretly. Or else we comment on their action. Why?

Student life is the simplest example to make my point as each of us has been one.
Well, this is the fact. A typical mindset is there. But let’s just ignore it. Make sure that you don’t let it affect you when you want to make your point.

Be confident. You are an independent individual. You have your own thoughts, opinions and ideas. We need to hear you. Your nation wants to hear you. It needs your help and for that you need to speak. Be free.

There is a vast difference between being too blunt and expressing an opinion. We are mature enough to understand this.
You speak, write, or do anything to express your view. Ask for people’s opinions too. Encourage others to speak as well. We need ideas; fresh ones or implemented.

Go ahead, listen to your heart, and speak up. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU.

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