Thursday, 3 December 2015

Are we using the system properly?

You may have heard people criticizing about the system and government. You could be one of them. 

Yes, limitations are there. But have you ever thought if facilities provided by the system are being used properly? Are YOU using it properly? You don't need to recall too much. Don’t need to go too far. Just look around, observe and you will find the answer in a very short period of time.

Let’s go further with a very simple observation:

In the cities like Ahmedabad, bus services like BRTS, AMTS and other city buses are provided to the citizens. They have a few seats reserved for women passengers, senior citizens, and freedom fighters and handicaps.

Recently, news got viral where two girls fought with two boys for the seats reserved for women. They made those boys got up. And proudly took their seats. Quite aware of their rights those girls seem to be, don’t they? True, but what about others? When it comes to someone else’s right, do you care enough for them?

As per the recent observation, two youngsters were sitting in the seats which were reserved for senior citizens and two old-aged men were standing just beside them. Neither those men took any objection nor did those youngsters care. That was the same with seats which were reserved for women.

So, how can we complain constantly for the inconvenience and shortage of facilities when you are not showing enough concern for the existing facilities for yourself and for others? Why don’t we think twice before teaching government how to govern? Do we ever look at ourselves and think about our moral duties? Don’t ask others, ask yourself. I did.

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