Thursday, 3 December 2015

What a heck!

Imagine yourself stuck in a queue waiting for your turn to buy tickets or food or getting into the bus or train or pay bills in mall. “What a heck!” would be your immediate response, won’t it?
Acceptable. Not your fault. Population would be the first thing; immediately turned into an issue would come in your mind when you would find yourself in such situation.
I like to observe situations, people and their behaviour around me, whether it’s a shopping mall, a theatre, a restaurant or a vegetable market. On my way back to home, every time I think of writing on it. It can be shaped as “variety” of blogs.

When I was playing the role of cheese-ham in a busy bus and a domino when the bus immediately stopped, that was the first blog which was getting shaped in my mind.

Then a shopping mall on a fine Sunday when few people who were there for shopping genuinely and rest were there just for a troll and keeping their kids busy in some activities(Yes, on Sundays, malls become kids’ playground). I would find myself lucky if I make to the cash counter so easily! Getting out of the mall in fresh air strikes my mind and I determine never to go there on Sundays. And guess what, I always go on Sundays! Who can stop this heck now?

One more place where I would go only for genuine reason; a vegetable market. Always crowded, always screaming greengrocers. What a heck!

Three usual heck any average person would experience.
But my point is not the difficulty which we face in our routine. And you will agree with me in a short while. 

One thing which I noticed was a common in all above three incidents. And that kept me away from writing on it for a while. It kept my mind busy with so many thoughts.

When I got off the bus, I saw a kid who was near about 9-10 year old, was pulling a cart on which he was carrying a young girl who looked like her younger sister. 

When I got out of the mall, I saw a man, selling balloons on a cycle. A small boy was sleeping on a pipe near the handle of the cycle. He was not only selling, but he was begging people to buy the balloons from him so that he could feed his son.

While I was busy choosing the vegetables, I saw two young girls sitting on a stall and selling the vegetables, screaming the name, amount and price of the vegetables. 

In the last line of paragraph three, I have quoted Variety in “ “. But at last I found no variety at all. One common thing which is the strongest and most impactful was the “kids”.

These kids were alright themselves. You know why? Because they have never seen a better life. For them, their life is so usual. It’s their childhood, they are innocent. Whatever they are given, they take it happily because it is everything for them. They don’t complain. Their parents might understand but they are helpless. Rules are there to prevent issues like child-labour, child-neglect, child-abuse and many more. But why they stay only on paper? Who will implement them?

This thing kept my mind busy. It made me think again and again. Do I have difficulties in life? Really? Am I really considering a crowd, noise, busy bus so irritating that I feel heck in my life? Then what about these kids and many more like them?

The more I thought, the more I sank into it. What could have I done? Buying those kids bus tickets so that they won’t have to pull carts with their little, soft hands? Buying vegetables so that they get enough money for a day? I would have done this. But for today only. Tomorrow, you would do the same. Next day, your friend would do that. But is it an ultimate solution?
Many people have written about such issues. Me too. The question is WHAT NEXT? Sometimes words are not enough. Actions are compulsory. You also want a better India, right? Then think about it..

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