Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pooja Kochar, the founder and CEO of 30ish and PhotoblogHER

Up Close & Personal: Pooja Kochar, the founder and CEO of 30ish and PhotoblogHER

Pooja Kochar is the founder and CEO of 30ish and PhotoblogHER. She clicks. She writes. She believes in the power of being fearless.
Pooja has had a fantastic journey from being in a safe cubicle to a digital nomad. She worked with India’s IT giant for almost a decade before taking the biggest risk of her professional life.
“I have been very lucky to have such a fantastic career foundation,” she believes “it’s my biggest strength as an entrepreneur. This venture is a, ‘Bet on Myself’.”
Let’s hear about the fantastic journey of Pooja’s life, 30ish, and PhotoblogHER,
"I am the founder and CEO of 30ish (Blog) PhotoblogHER (Photography Blog). Both these digital brands challenge stereotypes through words and photography (art). I am also a ‘body positive activist’ and conduct workshops across schools in India to spread the word about my cause."
What did you make leave your job and start blogging?
It was a personal call to give up my safe corporate cubicle and chase entrepreneurship. There was a part of me that needed a voice to express and hence I started by blog 30ish which led to a massive positive change in my life.
Photography, traveling and blogging: How did they combine?
Art is an expression which cannot be limited to any one particular stream. Photography is a natural extension for my blog 30ish, when words are not enough images express help me to communicate better.
My fight is to keep blogging real, I combine art with activism and present stories that have much more depth and reach.
About 30ish:
"30ish is a voice of a generation, we tend to be very tough on ourselves; the blog helps me connect with my readers and talk about issues affecting this age group. (25-40). 30ish has a large readership base spread across India, US, Europe, APAC and UK. I write about stories that need a voice, it is a personal journey and I am committed to making a difference."
Are there particular issues you write about?
I write about social issues, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, travel, fitness, and inspiration.
Do you arrange workshops and seminars?
Yes, I do. I conduct workshops for women entrepreneurs. I connect them through my community building network and discuss various aspects of a start-up. It is an active think tank of women who want to learn and grow together.
The best subject you wrote about till now:
Women Empowerment Issues and Body Positive stories
Here is the link to the website, Poojakochar.in
and you can also contact me on 30ish Blog - Breaking Stereotypes
About PhotoblogHER :
"PhotoblogHER is my attempt to talk about ‘positive body image’. It is about challenging stereotypes through photography, workshops and words."
Do you write on live examples?
I am inspired by the people I meet during my workshops and seminars.
Tell us about your other projects:
I am doing work on a lot of projects that empower women at the grass root level. If women want to change their condition then we need to raise very strong girls, who are confident and independent. These workshops involve a lot of activities that encourage girls to think big and dream about a positive future.
"I am a frequent traveler. I love diverse cultures and based on that, I choose my subjects. India, China and Australia have been the most adventurous destinations for me till now. I am also writing my first book based on my travel experiences across the globe, it is a very overwhelming experience."
Your message to the world:
"Beauty is fearless, not flawless"

C4N India congratulates Pooja for her initiative, her vision, and efforts. We wish her all the very best for her upcoming projects. May you have a many more Golden Feathers added in your cap!

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